Standard Pallets

Texas Pallets, LLC carries both Grade A and Grade B pallets and we wash each pallet separately to promote cleanliness and for use by our food processing and agricultural customers.


Grade A Pallets

Grade A pallets include GMA (and GMA type) pallets from hardwood to pine with no block or half runner stringer repairs. 00 pallets have 6″ lead boards top and bottom. 02, 03 and 05 pallets may combine 6″ and 4″ lead boards. 03 pallets may have plate and/or corrugate repairs.

Grade B Pallets

These pallets will have block or half runner repairs on one (07), two (08) or three (09) of the stringers.

Used Pallets

Texas Pallets, LLC uses components from non-repairable pallets in order to replace or renew broken parts in repairable ones.

These recycled pallets may have cosmetically noticeable defects and yet retain the integrity of a GMA pallet. Texas Pallets, LLC sorts repairs and grades pallets into various categories with a view to meeting specific customer needs.

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