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Heat Treated Pallets - Texas Pallets, LLC.

Texas Pallets, LLC recycles ALL wood pallets and lumber by re-using many of their components. Some pallets may have a monetary value, depending on the pallet’s size and grade. Wood pallets that we do not accept are the following: longer than 3 feet in length or width, or wooden pallets that are rotten, decayed, weathered, or dark gray in color.

Heat Treated

Heat Treated Pallets - Texas Pallets, LLC.

Due to the hard deadline put into place as of 2005, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) international ISPM 15 standards must be applied to all wood products exported to other countries. In addition, the heating schedule for wood packaging material should achieve a minimum core temperature of 56⁰C (133⁰F) for a minimum of 30 minutes. The U.S. certification program for heat treatment is administered by the American Lumber Standards Committee.

New Custom Sized Pallets or Crates

Contact us for pricing regarding our special size crates or pallets built out of our recycled wood or new pine wood. Please give a seven (7) day notice for your order(s) to be completed.

Pallet Disposal

Contact us for a quote if you have any unwanted pallets that that need to be removed or disposed of on your property, and we can schedule a pick-up.

Pick-up and Delivery

If you need pallets delivered, we are just a phone call away. Texas Pallets, LLC has both box vans and flatbeds to accommodate your delivery needs. In-stock pallets can be delivered on the same day if called in by 8:00 A.M. CST. If you prefer to pick up your order instead, we will always have your driver back on the road in 45 minutes or less.

Power Washing

In order to promote cleanliness and have our pallets in compliance with inspection code in any warehouse, we wash each pallet separately. This assists in clearing any unwanted insects or debris from the pallet.

Wood Pallets for Sale

Recycled 48” x 40”, Standard size 4-way pallets are for sale. For a quote or possible delivery service, contact us or stop by and pick up the pallets you need.

Pallet Purchasing

Are you a distribution center or a warehouse? Do you have a surplus of pallets that you have no use for? Texas Pallets, LLC can purchase these from you at top dollar, whether they are 48” x 40” pallets or any other size, and help you to lower your overall pallet cost by turning your extra pallets into a valuable profit center for you. We provide free drop trailer service, 24 hour guaranteed turnaround, prompt payment, and accurate reporting suited to your needs. Contact us if you would like us to purchase your extra pallets, and we can give you a no-obligation quote. Please note that we only buy plastic pallets without any company logos.

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